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  • Doors open at 7:45 a.m.
  • Torch leaves at 9 a.m.
  • Dairy farm tours begin after the torch departs

Mybrook Farm has always been a dairy farm, currently milking 200 registered Holsteins and Jerseys.  The farm currently grows alfalfa, grass hay, corn/corn silage, wheat, rye, and soybeans. The farm currently has 3 full time employees on the farm, and 2 part time employees.

Current patriarch, Myron, is the grandson of Daniel D. Miller, who purchased the farm in 1896.

D.D. Miller (Daniel D) was a traveling evangelist, and had 11 children, who all graduated from college and went on to have successful careers (which would be the 2nd generation on the farm).

When Daniel D. Miller purchased the farm, it had a road going across the middle of the farm & fields, when they built US 20 Myron’s grandfather told them that he would give them the land if they would go straight east and west along the south side of the farm, they accepted the offer, and that is why US 20 goes straight instead of cutting across in to Middlebury as they originally had it set up.

There were 3 homes built along the road that went through the fields north of the river, one house is where his great-grandfather lived, another was where some of my grandpas sisters and brother lived.

Myron moved to the farm in 1945, while he was still in high school.  After High School Myron went to college for 2 years and then worked for his parents until he got married in 1951 to Murlene, Myron & Murlene have 5 children, Marlys, Marcia, Michael, Nancy, and Debi.  Myron’s son Michael, grew up on the farm and always worked on the farm, and went in to partnership with Myron & Murlene when he got married in 1981 to Judy.  Judy takes care of the book work and payroll.

Michael and Judy have 2 daughters, Laura and Lisa who have both been involved helping on the farm and showing cows.  Laura graduated from Purdue University in 2006 with a degree in Agricultural Economics and came back to the farm full-time in 2006.  Laura & Lisa are the 5th generation on the farm.  In 2006 Laura married Ryan Yoder, they have 3 children, Hudson, Hadley and Harper that are the 6th generation and all really enjoy farming.  Ryan & Laura are both involved on the farm, Laura helps to manage the dairy cows. Lisa married Carl Stoltzfus in 2015 and they reside and farm in Goshen, IN.  Currently, Myron is still working at the farm alongside, his son Michael, and his daughter Laura and the 6th generation spends lots of time on the farm!  Michael has lived on the farm for 61 years and has never moved off of the farm!